Nissan Almera service from 1995 to 2000 in N15 body
1. General information
2. The general requirements to car repairs
3. Operation and car maintenance
4. Petrol engines
5. Diesel engines
6. Transmission
6.1. Coupling
6.2. Mechanical transmission
6.2.1. General information
6.2.2. Removal and transmission installation
6.2.3. Transmission dismantling
6.2.4. Dismantling of primary shaft
6.2.5. Assembly of primary shaft
6.2.6. Dismantling of a secondary shaft
6.2.7. Assembly secondary валаф
6.2.8. Dismantling and differential assembly
6.2.9. Transmission assembly
6.3. Automatic transmission
6.4. Drive of forward wheels
7. Running gear
8. Steering
9. Brake system
10. Electric equipment
11. Body
12. Appendices
13. Electric equipment schemes



6.2.2. Removal and transmission installation

Fig. 4.9. Placement of a masloslivny stopper (1) and jams (2) openings for filling and check of level of oil of a transmission

The transmission acts in film from below the car, separately from the engine. For this purpose establish the car on the lift and execute in a motor compartment the following operations. Remove the storage battery, previously having disconnected its wires. Remove and take aside, without disconnecting wires, the assembly block. Remove a hose of an air inlet of the engine. Disconnect a cable of a drive of coupling from a fork of switching off of coupling and take a cable aside. On the diesel engine take aside the hose of cooling liquid located under a transmission, and also remove together with an arm the working cylinder of coupling, without disconnecting from it a hose, and fix the cylinder in a motor compartment. Raise the lift the car to a separation of wheels from the earth. Merge oil from a transmission (fig. 4.9). Remove connecting draft and draft of a drive of gear shifting. Remove an antisplash guard of the left forward wheel. Disconnect the switch of light of a backing, the switch of neutral situation, a drive of a speedometer and a "weight" wire. Remove shaft of a drive of forward wheels (see below). Disconnect and remove a starter (see section. "Electric equipment"). Supporting the power unit, establish a support between the central cross-piece and the engine. Establish a jack for transmission support. Remove back, then left arms of a suspension bracket of a transmission. Unscrew bolts of fastening of a transmission to the engine. Be convinced that all wires and the interfaced parts (detail) are disconnected from a transmission, and carefully lower it by means of a jack down.
Installation of a transmission carry out as it should be, the return to removal, taking into account the following:
— replace everything removed самоконтрящиеся nuts, sealing rings and epiploons;
— establish by means of an opravka new epiploons of target shaft of differential, having applied a thin film greasings on edges of epiploons;
— check installation of directing plugs on the plane of the socket of a transmission and the engine;
— check a condition of the bearing of switching off of coupling;
— apply a thin film greasings on directing plug of the bearing of switching off of coupling and the fork ends.

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