Nissan Almera service from 1995 to 2000 in N15 body
1. General information
2. The general requirements to car repairs
3. Operation and car maintenance
4. Petrol engines
4.1. Removal and installation of the power unit
4.2. Dismantling and engine assembly
4.3. Block of cylinders
4.4. Shatunno-porshnevaya group
4.4.1. Check of a technical condition
4.5. Cranked shaft and flywheel
4.6. Gazoraspredeleniye mechanism
4.7. Head of the block of cylinders of GA14DE and GA16DE engines
4.8. Head of the block of cylinders of the SR20DE engine
4.9. Cooling system
4.10. Greasing system
4.11. System of production of the fulfilled gases
4.12. Power supply system
4.13. Complex control system of the engine (KSUD)
5. Diesel engines
6. Transmission
7. Running gear
8. Steering
9. Brake system
10. Electric equipment
11. Body
12. Appendices
13. Electric equipment schemes



4.4.1. Check of a technical condition

Remove piston rings and clear of a deposit pistons. On a surface of pistons should not be рисок and задиров; otherwise replace pistons. Measure diameter of pistons.

Fig. 2.10. Measurement of diameter (D) piston at distance (d) from the bottom end face of a skirt

Diameter of the piston is measured at d distance from the bottom end face of a skirt (fig. 2.10) and makes, mm:
for       the engine GA14DE 7,5
for       the engine GA16DE 9,5
for       the engine SR20DE 11
Check a gap between the piston and the cylinder by means of a set flat щупов or рассчитйте a gap by results of measurements of details. Be convinced of absence of damages of hairpins of rods, overheat traces. Check openings of the top and bottom heads of a rod. In them there should not be damages.
Check a gap between a piston finger and the plug of the top head of a rod. In case of the raised gap replace a piston finger, the plug of a head of a rod or a rod. At replacement of the plug combine its opening for greasing with an opening in a rod head. Check gaps between piston rings and flutes. At a considerable deviation from the admission measure thickness of piston rings. If necessary replace rings and pistons. Check gaps in locks of rings. At much increased gap even at new piston rings establish pistons of the repair size, pierce cylinders or replace the block of cylinders.

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4.4. Shatunno-porshnevaya group
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4.5. Cranked shaft and flywheel