Nissan Almera service from 1995 to 2000 in N15 body
1. General information
2. The general requirements to car repairs
3. Operation and car maintenance
4. Petrol engines
4.1. Removal and installation of the power unit
4.2. Dismantling and engine assembly
4.2.1. Engine dismantling
4.2.2. Engine assembly
4.3. Block of cylinders
4.4. Shatunno-porshnevaya group
4.5. Cranked shaft and flywheel
4.6. Gazoraspredeleniye mechanism
4.7. Head of the block of cylinders of GA14DE and GA16DE engines
4.8. Head of the block of cylinders of the SR20DE engine
4.9. Cooling system
4.10. Greasing system
4.11. System of production of the fulfilled gases
4.12. Power supply system
4.13. Complex control system of the engine (KSUD)
5. Diesel engines
6. Transmission
7. Running gear
8. Steering
9. Brake system
10. Electric equipment
11. Body
12. Appendices
13. Electric equipment schemes



4.2.1. Engine dismantling

In case of a reuse at assembly of details of the engine it is recommended to put on them labels that at assembly to establish them in former situation.

Remove the power unit as it is described above. Disconnect from the engine a transmission. The washed-up and cleared engine establish on the stand for dismantling.
Remove the oil filter and a starter. By means of the blocking adaptation stop a flywheel and remove a pulley of a cranked shaft.
Remove the oil pallet.
Remove covers of a cranked shaft. Remove the oil pump. On cars with a mechanical transmission turn out bolts of fastening of a casing of coupling to a flywheel and remove a casing assembled with a press disk and a conducted disk of coupling. On cars with an automatic transmission расстыкуйте a case of a transmission and the engine, having disconnected thus the hydrotransformer from a leading disk. Remove a flywheel. Remove the water pump, turn out bolts of its fastening. Remove chains of a drive of camshafts. Uncover heads of the block of cylinders and a head of the block of cylinders. Remove an asterisk of a drive of a chain of a camshaft from a cranked shaft. Turn out bolts of fastening of an oil case and remove it. Remove a maslopriyemnik: Turn out bolts of fastening of the holder of a back cuff of a cranked shaft and remove it by means of two screw-drivers, resting them against special ledges.
Establish the block of cylinders on a support. Be convinced available labels on covers of rods and radical bearings of a cranked shaft. If necessary put labels on rods, covers of bearings and the block of cylinders. Unscrew nuts and remove covers of rods. Take out up from the block of cylinders pistons with rods. Take out loose leaves of shatunny bearings and define degree of their wear. If loose leaves can be reused, put on them a label defining their situation ("top", "bottom"), and mark the corresponding rods. Nippers take out lock rings of a piston finger and, having heated up the piston in oil to 60 — 70 ° With, by means of an opravka выпрессуйте a finger from the piston and the top head of a rod.
Check an axial gap of a cranked shaft. Turn out bolts of fastening of covers of radical bearings and remove covers together with the bottom loose leaves. Take out from beds of bearings a cranked shaft, the top loose leaves and persistent half rings. If loose leaves are supposed to be used again, it is necessary to mark them the same as shatunny loose leaves.

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4.2. Dismantling and engine assembly
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4.2.2. Engine assembly